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The Pursuit of Happiness

The secret to lifetime happiness is, we dare to say, rather simple.
  • First, Know Thyself.
  • Second, Discover Your Unique Path in Life.
  • Third, Follow Your Path without Fear or Hesitation.
  • Fourth, Achieve Self Actualization

No one can complete this task for you. It is a journey that each of us must take on our own. Indeed, it can be said that this journey IS life. We can be supportive of our friends and loved ones while they pursue this life's quest, but our personal opinions about another's progress are often not helpful.

The greatest barriers that a person faces while on this journey are her own fears and the ignorance of others. Fear is our internal, personal barrier and ignorance is the external, social barrier. Of these, fear is the greatest, as we must have the courage to pursue our personal path despite the ignorance of others. To fail to do so is to deny our own existence.

It is important to respect the journey that others take. If many follow a policy of mutual respect, a social environment is formed that encourages the greatest happiness among the greatest number of people. Such is the stuff of a functional and dynamic civilization.

We must also remember that life can be quite short. It is therefore important that we begin this journey at the earliest possible age and become good at it. Death is a part of life. Whether we will be granted the opportunity to continue this journey in an afterlife is a question left to your personal faith.

Each of us will spend our lifetimes working on all three of these tasks. It should be our goal to complete the bulk of the first two early in life, if possible, and focus on the last for the remainder of our earthly existence. If you find yourself beginning this journey late in life, do not veer from your task. To do so is to throw away the precious time that you have left.

Remember, your journey is not a job. It is a gift that you give to yourself. Be generous.

In light of these simple facts, The Centre for Personal Sovereignty provides resources designed to help you along each step in your path towards happiness. These resources are focused on the three areas noted above. 

Know Thyself

The first group of resources are designed to help you in the first stage of your quest, to Know Thyself. Absent such knowledge, you cannot be certain that your path is your own. You may in fact be living another's life. Many people go through their entire life without realizing that they are really living a life that others have created for them, or are living a life designed by the chance occurrences that they have faced in life, and by the fears that have driven their decisions at these points on their journey. Our resources are not magical - they are only tools that can be of assistance to some in their efforts to discover and understand their own true identity.

Discover Your Path

The second group of resources are designed to open your eyes to the possible paths that you might take in life. Many of us fail to consider the wide-ranging possibilities of life out of fear, ignorance and self-doubt. It is our highest duty to ourselves to overcome these enemies and to enlighten ourselves as to all that life can be.

Follow Your Path

It is not enough that this process be an intellectual exercise. For there to be value you must act on the knowledge that you discover. It is at this point that a human being becomes Sovereign. You take control of your life once you embark on your own journey, ejecting years of social programming, prejudice, fear and ignorance in favor of being you. There is no more liberating experience on Earth than this.

Know Where You Are Heading

Self Actualization is the ultimate goal.

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